The "WHITE HOUSE 24 HR OVERNIGHT CHALLENGE *NOT CLICKBAIT*" is one of the most viewed, dangerous, and best overnight challenge videos in history. It is the only overnight challenge to take place in the White House, or even the District of Columbia, and it is certainly the most secure place of any 24 hour challenge. The video was filmed by famous YouTuber Jake Paul, and was ranked successful as he stayed for over six hours in one of the most secure places on Earth! However, the stunt led Jake Paul to having a meeting with the Secret Service, although no charges were filed.

Introduction Edit

Jake Paul was invited to the White House for a private event at the White House centering on social media, with lots of famous YouTubers present. He starts out the video in his hotel and goes to a clothing store to buy clothes for the event. He then goes to lunch with his manager and tells him and the waitress that he is going to sleep in the White House tonight. She replies no way. He then makes his way to the White House.

At the White House Edit

Paul stays with the group for much of the day, vloging and chatting with other YouTubers. Then President Obama is not pictured in the video, however then Vice President Biden is. Paul only sneaks off the tour group once to scout out a spot, and he finds a bathroom located in the White House. Paul remains with the group until after 8:00. He leaves the group before dinner, the last event of the day. He then makes his way to the bathroom.

In the Bathroom Edit

Jake Paul makes it to the bathroom sometime around 9:00. He locks himself in a stall and waits. Although most 24 hour challenge videos in bathrooms are dull, Paul's personality and the fact that he is actually in the White House make it very suspenseful. Thoughout the video, only a couple people use the bathroom and he is never noticed, making for a great hiding place. He does a time check at 10:51. Jake then makes a hilarious call to his mom!

The Next Day Edit

Jake does a time check at 1:07 in the morning. He then discusses ramifications for being caught. Paul soon falls asleep on an air vent in the stall. After he wakes up, he does a time check at 3:15 in the morning and remarks "Obama could be [upstairs]." Paul then decides he needs to leave.

The Exit Edit

Paul exits the White House around 3:30 in the morning. While exiting, he gets great shots of the spiral staircases and of the empty interior. He finds a way out, however much is not shown in the video, and he remarks that he went out the long way. He spots security guards (Likely the Capitol Police or the Secret Service) on his way out, and they likely see him, however nothing is said and he uses his guest pass to exit the White House Grounds. He then walks to his hotel and files home.

Aftermath Edit

Days later when Jake Paul was is Vegas in his later vlogs, he receives a text that the Secret Service showed up at his house in LA unannounced. He confirms this with security camera footage they send him. After he speaks at the event, he gets on the phone with the Secret Service. He finds out that they will not press charges, however they need to interview him in person at his house for "administrative reasons." Paul also finds out that the incident made its way to higher ups in the United States Government, likely even Obama. Paul agrees, and the interview later takes place, although it is not filmed, and no charges are filed.